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[The automated voice recites--]

Leave a message after the tone.
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[Character Name] Dick Grayson (Robin)
[Canon] Young Justice (Animated)
[Point Taken from Canon] Post-meeting in ep. 18

[Age] 13 14 as of canon update.
[Gender] Male.
[Sexual Orientation] Hetero.

[Eye Color] Blue.
[Hair Color] Black.
[Height] Less than 5 feet?
[Other] N/A.
[Clothing] Civilian clothes will be a hoodie, jacket, and jeans. Costume looks like this.

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CHARACTER NAME: Richard John "Dick" Grayson (alias: Robin)
CHARACTER SERIES: Young Justice (animated series)


Backtagging: Please!
Threadhopping: Ask first, but I'll probably say yes.
Fourthwalling: Absolutely not. Your character may be aware of the fact that "Robin, the Boy Wonder" and "Dick Grayson" are fictional, but don't tell him or his CR without asking me first. Also keep in mind that Dick has a secret identity to protect and your character should not be connecting Dick and Robin unless we have plotted it in advance.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Graphic violence and sexual situations should be addressed with me first. Dick is thirteen, and for all that he's perfectly capable of casing a murder scene, I don't want to stray from age-appropriate play without a warning first!


Hugging this character: He'll probably flinch unless you're a close friend.
Kissing this character: Keep it age appropriate, but he won't complain.
Flirting with this character: He's 13. If you still want to, he'll flirt right back.
Fighting with this character: Be aware that he will use weapons if he has to, but sure.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Ask me first.
Killing this character: Ask me first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Ask me first, especially because of that secret identity!

Warnings: Uhhhh dead parents?

Get your own copy of the IC/OOC Permissions meme!
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Reporting live from Haven East, RGTV News--

[Flashes of black, yellow, and red, from Robin holding the phone near his waist.]

...really doubt anyone's this squeamish, but
Please turn off the vid if you have something against decomposed corpses. Thanks.

[The shot now moves to a skeleton. Part of Wally's head comes into view, making one of the stupidest faces he's probably ever made. He laughs and says "photobomb" before Robin elbows him and tries to look affronted. Note he's still holding the phone so that he can be seen elbowing him and looking affronted.

Ahem. Boy Wonder gets to his knees, pointing the camera to the grisly all-teeth grin of the dead.]

Because I've been mentored by the world's greatest detective and Kid Useless here by a very competent CSI, we've been able to conclude that dude is not only merely dead, but really most sincerely dead.

[Wally's sitting next to the corpse now, and nudges it with his elbow without actually, you know, touching it, as if he's trying to goad it into another round of Sonic Racing with him. After about a second, he decides the corpse is right, they've played enough Sonic Racing today. Obviously what they need to play a good ole fashioned fighting game, like Soul Calibur., but really:]

As far as I can tell, the teeth in the skull are permanent, but the wisdom teeth haven't come in yet and [moving the camera to the back of the skull, where sutures are visible] the separate bones in the skull are still well-defined. I'm not a coroner or anything, but if I remember correctly, the sutures don't ossify until old age, but there's still a measurable difference between childhood and adulthood. Combined with the rough height of the decedent, not to mention the paraphernalia found on the body,

[Wally pops open the disc compartment and pretends to switch discs, then sits back with a controller in his hands and starts pressing buttons, making sound effects to go with the menu screens that aren't actually there.]

Early adolescence is my best guess, for age-at-death.

But here's what bugging me.

[ Eventually, you'll hear Wally say "SOUL CALIBUR. FOUR." Then he looks over to the corpse and says "Dude, first player. Hit select." From then on, he's literally just reciting this video, grunts and lightsaber noises included.

Robin's ignoring him admirably:]

This skeleton looks like it's been dead for a while, the bones themselves beginning to decompose, but this is a Playstation 3. They're from... I think I first used one in 2007, and I don't know if that's long enough to match the way dude's been... uh, rotted. Like I said-- not a coroner. I usually see murder scenes a lot sooner.

[Oh! He shuffles the camera quickly, as though he's just forgotten something, and points to the ribcage.]

"Murder" is the word I'm using, based on sheer probability. [He points out a few marks in the bones, little cuts that look like slices on first glance, but like bits are missing on a second.]

This looks like it was done with some kind of knife. Obviously, the lack of fleshy parts makes it harder to be certain -- I won't rule out scavengers or postmortem damage -- but again, probability.

I know me and K.F. are probably the only people who actually miss watching Forensic Files, so I appreciate anyone who's listened to my half-baked analysis. Hate to disappoint but I don't really have a conclusion here. Finding a years-old skeleton with fairly modern tech that I can't be sure is anachronistic or not seemed noteworthy.

The fact that he was clutching it to his chest also seems worth pointing out. That the body was left like this might be a warning. PS3s get Internet access, so there's a motive right there-- we know the Man isn't big on information sharing. I mean, otherwise, he'd take it with him. You can still pawn these for decent money, thanks to the Blu-Ray player.

--and before you ask, no, there's no game inside. First thing we checked.
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feel free to change to first lol

As bored as he got, at least the arrivals arrived like clockwork. The holographic "FREE HUGS TO START YOUR STAY OFF RIGHT" spun lazily above his head, and he was seated underneath it, polishing birdarangs.

Couldn't really risk target practice, after all.
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OOC Information
Player Name: Kaley
Player Age: 24
Player Contact: [ profile] inperpetuity
Player/Character HMD: Located here
Other characters in game: n/a

IC Information
Character Name: Dick Grayson (Robin)
Character Canon: Young Justice (animated series; OU)
Character Age/Gender: 14/male
Canon Point: End of episode 1.25, Usual Suspects

Character Canon History:

Character Personality: Dick is a thirteen-year-old kid—who also happens to be a superhero’s sidekick partnersidekick younger associate. He approaches this in two different ways: he is, on the one hand, conscious of the whole life-saving and better-world-making aspect of the deal; his family were the victims of violent crime and he’d rather not see anyone else suffer through that—or if they did, he’d like to get those responsible some nice, restrictive silver bracelets and a charming jail cell.

On the other hand—Robin is a thirteen year old kid. He is capable of realizing that he can hack the Justice League’s computer, beat up all kinds of bad guys, and crack jokes while doing it, and it’s actually pretty cool all on its own. The how and why of becoming Robin still causes him pain, but Robin itself is something to be proud of and enjoy.

And he is proud of it. Robin has a fairly clear idea of exactly how skilled he is, which translated to great confidence—even a smug sort of arrogance at times. He had a tendency to either assume everyone else was on the same page, or else assume that they’d catch up if they’re not. He’s not very good at explaining himself yet, but he is good at setting and achieving goals, and recognizing which goals he is or is not equal to. He knows he can usually plot a course of action to achieve a mission objective, but he was also able to (after some trial and error—mostly error) recognize that a) the team couldn’t read his mind and b) he lacked the leadership experience it would take to get everyone up to speed, delegate jobs, and generally be responsible for that many people.

While he was able to step up to the challenge when thrown into a ‘kill-‘em-all’ mental simulation, remaining calm, cool, and casually manipulating his friends to help them remain calm and fulfill the necessary objectives (a methodology and skill set his mentor, Batman, is especially famous for), he was very frank in the subsequent therapy session—he hated it. He hated being in charge, he hated making the tough decisions that—while effective—killed his friends one by one, and it made him completely rethink his life’s goals. He can be taught!

Robin’s sense of humor is usually at the forefront of what he’s doing. He is capable of buckling down and getting serious when the situation calls for it, but if it doesn’t? He has no compunctions against making fun of his friends or enemies. He counterpoints most of Wally’s attempts to look cool with sly commentary and outright (and rather conspicuously) points and laughs hysterically when Superboy gets thrown around by their combat trainer. After snarking on his best friend’s earlier beatdown. And excessively enough that Aqualad felt it prudent that he stop.

If you do something amusing, he will tell you. After cracking up, and not without an injection of sarcasm.

Despite that, his affection for his friends is sincere, and he seems to make friends with other superkids fairly easily. He was welcoming to Superboy and Miss Martian, and while his reaction to Artemis was decidedly lowkey, he later defends her very nonchalantly. He clearly isn’t as close to them as Kid Flash or Aqualad, whom he’s known for years, but he’s capable of working with them, accepts them, and tries to include them. He does like people and he likes to talk, he just tends to have an ‘I’m good and I know it’ vibe in there.

He is also rather thoughtful and observant. He’s a quick-witted, intelligent kid, who likes dissecting words and is apparently good enough at math to be honored at his school. To say nothing of his technological expertise, and the creator mentioned on his website that he has a passing familiarity with several different languages. Give him a reason to learn it, and he will sit down and do it.

At his core, though, he is a hero. He spends his free time either dodging bullets to make the world a better place, or training to make himself better at dodging bullets to make the world a better place. As mentioned, he has himself been touched very close by violent crime, and did not stop his pursuit for justice when the man responsible was caught. He’s been working as Robin for four years, longer than any other sidekick junior hero. Shows no signs of stopping; he’s committed.

AU Information: n/a
Character Abilities: He’s a skilled acrobat and aerialist, trained from early childhood to be part of his family’s circus trapeze act. He’s very flexible and capable of creatively using his surroundings.

Four years of crimefighting have also given him mastery in many fields, including investigation, detective skills, and deductive reasoning. These were all taught by Batman, the World’s Greatest Detective, so the instruction was top-notch and the student is naturally intelligent enough to make good use of it. Robin is able to calmly assess crime scenes and notice the little details.

Other skills learned from Batman include stealth; Robin frequently confuses his superpowered teammates by simply vanishing without them ever noticing. Along with Superboy, who is invulnerable, he’s one of the few team members to not use a stealth-specific color palette on missions.

He’s also a skilled martial artist, with instruction from Batman and Black Canary, another well-respected and skilled superhero. He’s agile and quick to dodge, since he can’t take hits from people with super strength so easily, but still capable against much bigger opponents while still remaining nonlethal. He’s also demonstrated familiarity and skill in fighting with Escrima sticks.

Robin is good with computers, technology, and machinery. He was able to hack the Justice League’s computers based on their similarity to the systems used by Batman, and Batman owns a technology company in his civilian identity.
Character Inventory:

1. Robin costume (mask, cape, padded armor, gloves, tabi boots, utility belt)

2. Utility belt, stocked with:

--> several varieties of birdarangs (including recording devices, radio relays, emit electric shocks, simple projectiles, and bombs, in both shuriken-sized discs and actual bird-shape versions. He's been shown to carry enough to blow up a tree the size of a medium-sized skyscraper, so if you want to cap them to a certain number, let me know! Same for his other toys.)
--> taser
--> flashbangs
--> binoculars
--> handcuffs
--> rebreather
--> bolas
--> piece of chalk
--> knock-out gas cans and pellets
--> grappling gun
--> smoke bombs

3. Gloves, with hologram tech, computer and lockpicks hidden inside.


Threads, both [personal profile] staystraught and [personal profile] usedacrobatics are me-- I was switching between them at random, sorry.

[third sample]

Sometimes, it's better to ask forgiveness than permission.

So Dick hadn't said a word to his guardian or butler; he'd just grabbed his credit card, rented a gym with trapeze equipment, and set up a practice area.

And it was clear that his teammates weren't really acrobats.

Roy had some moves. Robin had copied a lot of Roy's style and techniques to improve his own marksmanship, so it didn't surprise him that Roy had taken some of his agility. Artemis would have been trained like an Olympiad (but she didn't know that he knew, so he didn't comment... overtly), so he wasn't surprised that she could hold her own, but neither of them were really comfortable in the air.

The actual air. Give them a zipline, give them some footing, and they were great, but they couldn't handle actual being airborne with the proper kind of fearlessness. They looked down, and as cliche as it was, you must never, ever look down. He'd been taught to always look up, across, to look for the hand that was waiting to catch you.

No, the only one who could do actual air without looking down was M'gann; unsurprisingly, she was the one who could fly. He didn't want to provoke Conner, so once he'd eliminated Roy and Artemis on the trapeze, he hadn't even tried. Conner had felt a little iffy to him, even if he couldn't pinpoint a reason why. "Not wanting to provoke" had been what he felt, so he hadn't said "Hey, you wanna mimic one of Superman's most recognizable powers and the first one you realized you didn't have?"

Trying to incorporate them into the act hadn't been difficult. He'd played to their strengths, considered Roy and Artemis had some similar ones, and really, it was a matter of pride. He'd chosen to one-up the Flying Graysons. Not as an insult, not to blame them for their deaths (the idea made him sick), but to honor them. To show that he hadn't forgotten, that he'd spent the last four and a half years getting better all the time.

The Flying Graysons performed the last trick of their routine without a safety net. A polite defiance of death that cost them their lives, but only because someone cheated. Dick put Tony Zucco into prison with his own two hands and Batcuffs, long may he rot, and with that grand legacy on his shoulders, the legacy he wanted to honor both in this routine and in this mission, he'd decided to do them one better.

The so-called "Daring Dangers" would be doing this routine entirely sans safety net, plus obstacles.

He'd been sort of disappointed when no one questioned it.
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There was a soft crackle-snap in the radio ear pieces, and The Flash's voice came over quickly, "Who's dead?"

"No one who wasn't dead a minute ago," eleven-year-old Robin said impatiently, "Which is still five minutes after you were supposed to be here."

Flash laughed. "Keep your capes on, we'll be there in a flash."

Batman rolled his eyes at the pun, and Robin shot him a look of profound disbelief. He considered saying something about it, something like tell me I never slowed you down like this, but Batman was the sort of person who ignored hyperbole when it suited him and would likely counter with a very long, very minute list of every time that could even be misconstrued as Robin slowing him down.

And then tell him he needed to learn humility.

Flash and his new sidekick were a grand total of nine minutes late; the last few passed in silence for the dynamic duo and were, indeed, over in a veritable flash. A streak of red stopped politely on a dime, right next to Batman, and after a two second delay, the second streak, a little red and yellow thing that did not stop on a dime, skittered into the Robin's line of vision.

Emphasis on the not stopping part. The fact that it yelped a bit when it seemed to realize its deficiency was clue enough even if you haven't been mentored by Batman for two whole years and Robin sprung upward just in time, catching himself on a low-hanging tree branch and swinging around to perch on it.

In perfect time and at perfect vantage to see the so-called Kid Flash plow straight into a stone wall.

Well, almost; Flash got a bit of a clue and managed to prevent the actual impact, but Kid Flash still flopped backwards with a mingled awkward exclamation of relief and embarrassment, and just high-pitched enough that it made Robin laugh.

The other three there all looked up at him, and he valiantly tried to suppress his giggles, but Kid Flash just looked so lame lying there on the ground. What did he think he was going to do, trip people?

But this was how he liked it, all attention on him, and he somersaulted down -- tight and precise, just as his mother taught him -- landing in a neat crouch and waiting a single, loaded beat.

"Maaaaybe you shouldn't have taken off his training wheels just yet."

Directed at Flash, over his head, just for maximum levels of dismissal.

The Scarlet Speedster offered a tired "Be nice, Robin," but Kid Flash sat up a little too quickly, wincing a little, at the remark.

"Dude, seriously?"

"That's what I want to--"

As if he hadn't even heard Robin, Kid Flash continued, "I always thought you'd be taller! You know, Speedy's like sixteen. You're just a--"

Robin lifted a brow.

"--person. Who thinks I should shut up. Right."

"Best idea you've had all year," Robin said dryly. The barb seemed to hit, because Kid Flash frowned, and Robin's smile might not have been quite so malicious if it wasn't for the "taller" remark. He knew Speedy was sixteen, and while Speedy was cool and smart and had perfect aim, he also got to do lots of things Robin didn't, and the whole "being younger than everyone else" was something of a sore spot, depending on context. Hitting that in addition to almost hitting him, and Kid Flash was striking out all over the place.

"Be nice," said Flash again, just as Batman's hand came down on top of Robin's head. A glance upward showed no real expression on Bats' face, and he didn't say anything. Not quite a rebuke, Robin decided, but a definite 'cease-and-desist.' Probably Batman sympathized with him a little bit.

"Anyway. You wanted a second opinion?" Flash asked. Batman nodded.

"I think I know who actually is the killer, but that's the problem. This is your area of science," which drew Kid Flash's attention out of his little corner of despondency, "and I'm as susceptible to confirmation bias as anyone else."

"Right-o. So we'll get on that, and you won't tell me any details."

He paused. Hesitated, really, and with the certainty of someone who'd heard a lot of bad news in his life, Robin recognized it.

"I think the boys should stay here," Flash continued, shooting an adult look at Batman.

"What?" That was enough to get KF back into a standing position. "But we came all this way...!"

"I agree that would be best," said Batman. And while Robin didn't protest vocally, in an effort to look more mature and experienced than Kid Flash, the sheer depths of disappointment and betrayal on his face was enough that he got another pat on the head.

"That means stay put," he added.

"But I never stay put."

So much for sounding more mature.

"Try just this once."

"Besides, we... uh." Flash was clearly struggling for a way to make this sound like he wasn't disparaging them.

"Consider yourself a lookout," Batman said. He quickly amended, with a glance at Kid Flash, "Lookouts."

And that was that; Batman ziplined to the roof and Flash vibrated through the wall with another promise of being 'back in a flash.'

Robin permitted himself to remain silent and still, mostly as a punishment to Kid Flash, who looked like he couldn't stop moving.

But he did, after a while, get his binoculars out. Even if it was a brush-off, Batman wouldn't tolerate a failure.

He wasn't Flash or anything.

But they were barely in front of his eyes before the yellow and red -- even stole my color scheme, but I guess Speedy did it first -- zipped in next to him and said "Good idea."

The goggles on his head were pushed down. "They're telescopic," he added, almost as if he wanted to brag but expected Robin to put him down again.

Not inaccurate. Staying behind to babysit the rookie wasn't sitting well with him.

"Maybe point them in a different direction so no one can sneak up on us."

"Uh, right."

Uh, duh. Robin rolled his eyes.

"'Nepotism' comes from a word meaning 'nephew,' you know that, right?"

"Dude." First visible sign of annoyance now. "Are you attacking them or are you attacking me?"

"Well, since I can't--"

And that was when a loud bang and a plume of smoke emanated from the other side of the building. Robin had weapons out purely on instinct, but Kid Flash was still rather entranced, and didn't quite shake out of it until he perceived Robin was approaching the wall.

Give him points for a spine. "Didn't Bats say to stay put?"

"Didn't the place just blow up?

"...Fair point. But what if Batman and the Flash blow up? Y'know. At us?"

"I dunno, what if they already did?" And he sort of regretted that, because what little of KF's face was visible whitened just enough.

"Even fairer." Give him points for determination, too. He grit his teeth and made sure his goggles were on securely. He placed both hands against the wall, and having watched Flash do it a moment earlier--

"You know, I can just--"

"It's okay! I can do this!" And he definitely started to move in place, back and forth, much faster than Robin could. But his hands remained firmly on the wall, not in it, and while he was clearly struggling to go faster, it looked like he was topping out. Which was weird; he'd seen Flash go much much muchmuchmuch faster. He was starting to kick up dust now, and Robin had to pull his cape over his mouth and nose to keep from breathing it in, but he persisted, that was something, and there were brighter flashes of red, but--

But it was liquid, not cloth from the costume.

"I really don't know what's more lame," Robin muttered, fishing in his utility belt for a styptic pencil. "Failing when you're doing something spectacular or failing when you're not."

"Oh shut up."

He was still trying to stop the nosebleed when Robin, who'd ziplined to the rooftop easily and blood-free, put down a line to drag him up. And remained silent and preoccupied with that as Robin broke through an air vent and led them over towards where the explosion came from.

"Probably an IED," Kid Flash said suddenly. "Place looks too low rent for the fancy stuff."

"Uh-huh." Robin was poised at an opening. "Must be the right place. That looks like sunlight coming in."

"Kind of expecting you to do the 'stay put' routine on me," he said ruefully, finally bringing his hands down from his face and sliding his goggles back down. "Going to try looking on infrared now."

"Incredibly provoked," Robin answered. "But that's actually a good idea."

Robin settled back, allowing Kid Flash to get a better look through. He had a thoughtful twist to his expression, and that was something.

"I think there's six people down there," he said, with a slight absent-minded professor tone. "No sign of Batman or Flash," but we don't know what they got up to."

Not reassuring.

"One's looking for something. He's like right under us, so I think we shouldn't quite go down yet. I need a little space for traction and you probably need a little range."

"Not always, but okay," Robin allowed. "What do you think he's looking for?"

"Something you keep in your pocket," was the answer. "Wait, I think he's got it out, and--"

Kid Flash's face blanched, horribly, and before Robin could blink, he'd dropped directly onto the guy below the vent and knocked him out cold. A cell phone clattered onto the floor and skidded a few feet awat.

"Thanks for the warning!"

Robin dropped down into the melee right before Kid Flash launched himself into a guy's stomach. He was promptly slammed into the wall and decided to stay there.

The guys who hadn't known what to make of the new kid -- he heard someone mumble Speedy and that was just the cherry on the sundae, 'cause KF heard it, too -- but they all recognized Robin. Still, no one expects two kids to drop out of air vents at once, and there was just enough gape-mouthed surprise that Robin could fling a birdarang at one and kick another in the head.

"Five of out of six," Kid Flash called, hurtling into another one. He'd spent the time Robin was taking out his guys arranging them into a neat little pile by the cell phone.

"I guess that means you're going to tell us what's going on," Robin said imperiously, and trying desperately not to start laughing again.

Six looked from one boy to the other, before diving towards Kid Flash's little pile.

It was, again, over in a flash. KF intercepted and spiked him down. A quick knock-out blow for good measure, however put Robin right back on the attack.

"Didn't I just say we needed to question him?"

"Uh, didn't you just see him reaching for the cell phone?"

"So what? He calls a few reinforcements--"

"Dude, the bomb! What did you think that cell phone was for?"

Not that he'd had all that much experience with bombs before (Batman preferred to take care of those himself), but a few half-remembered lessons slipped back into his mind. Something about cell phones and range and--

Kid Flash was grinning.

"Oh, I'm sorry, should I have waited another five minutes for you to figure it out?"

"Shut up."

"Hey, maybe that's why they call you 'Boy Wonder!' 'Cause that's what you're stuck doing."

He would have laughed at that one, just because he'd never heard that pun before, but another crackle-snap on the radio and they were actually being called to fight...
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effects & warnings: none & teenage romance.
note: Rob is voiced by the singer, but if you point out any similarities, he won't believe you :P

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dream draft

Jul. 9th, 2010 03:53 am
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Dream Effects: A steady background hum of worry, up until the end.
Warnings: Vague metaphorical happenings.

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